Welcome to our Equipment Leasing Division

       Why Buy if you can Lease?

Why Our Leasing is Different

  • Flexible terms
  • Minimum time in business? - We can do some Start-Ups!
  • Leases available as low as $2,000
  • Quick turnaround on approvals - Usually within 48 hours!

We will work with you to help design a leasing program that meets your individual needs.

Why Leasing?

Choosing a leasing program instead of a cash purchase may enable you to:

  • Conserve capital credit reserves for other business needs.
  • Obtain costly equipment despite a depleted capital budget.
  • Pay for your equipment from future profits generated by the equipment.
  • Expense your entire lease payment during the life of the lease rather than the lengthier "useful life" of the equipment.
  • Avoid the consequences of the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Leasing also:

  • Provides off-balance sheet financing (will not impact existing credit lines).
  • Serves as an inflation hedge by providing fixed rate financing.

We specialize in leasing PA systems, Entertainment Lighting, POS and Restaurant Equipment.

The Do's and Don'ts of Leasing

  • Most leasing companies require financials on deals over $15,000. We don't.
  • Most leasing companies limit the types of equipment they finance. We don't.
  • Most leasing companies will not deal with "Newer Business". We do.

We realize that a small customer today can turn into a big customer tomorrow. We are always available to work directly with your. We will answer questions fully, collect credit information professionally, and process the paperwork efficiently. We don't quit until the leasing transaction is done right. We do appreciate your business and never take it for granted.




You can also call our leasing department directly at 1-800-920-5809