Design and CAD work




Efficiency is required to control costs. A picture is worth a thousand words. Entertech maintains a leading position in the use of the best in CAD and Analysis software for our lighting and audio, A/V designs. This supports fully the planning and pre-production phase of any project, and allows our client/management teams to make adjustments and upgrades, as needed, from an existing design.
                                         JBL Smaart Pro


CADP2 Modeling Software

CAD P2CADP2 is an Electro-Acoustic modeling program. CADP2 allows us to design and predict the performance of complex sound systems and acoustical environments. Emphasis has been placed on design throughput, component interaction accuracy and presentable results.


ShuttleCADShuttleCAD 4 for Windows is a fully featured CAD (computer aided design) system designed specifically for professional audio and video contractors, installers and consultants.




We produce photo-realistic images of your plot. Watch how easy it is to convey your ideas and concepts with photo-realistic views of the event.

Imagine the client's response when receiving a photo-realistic rendering of the design. Included are a few renderings provided to us from LD Assistant.

LD Assist

LD Assist